Unconscious resolutions

Nocturnal thoughts coo from the past,

In the twilight of my waking hour,

To lay upon the palate,

Spoon fed on morsels sour,

Unforgotten grievances morph heinously,

In slumber, shapes of familiar faces jitter,

Me awake, with a pinch of saltiness,

And an essence flavourfully bitter,

I slip back beneath my eyelids,

Drawing shut the darkening curtain,

Reprise encounters in the rabid heat,

Of the moment, for reasons uncertain,

Let loose a simian shriek,

As I bludgeon past transgressions,

To vomit forth at my feet,

Uncomfortable confessions,

I stomp around frenziedly,

Atop hurt, anger and fear,

A red midst around my head,

Stubbornly gives to clear,

Worked up in a quagmire,

I had began to sink within,

Struggle pushes deeper beneath,

Until the bog surrounds my chin,

With my final gasp of air,

My lips free a parting reconciliation,

I forgive myself for lingering resentment,

And those I blame for former indignation,

Sun breaches my retinas,

Before the mire swallowed any tighter,

I lift my head off my pillow,

And feel a little lighter.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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