What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Happy Easter.

A special day to remember the Easter bunny died for our sins, so we get to eat chocolate, or something.

I’m not religious. I do like chocolate eggs though.

I don’t get why people still use the old saying;

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Isn’t it a bit like religion – outdated?

For any religious yolk reading, don’t take this post so seriously, I eggsaggerate my points, for eggfect. I find religion an eggcellent conversation piece. I do in fact, love the eggciting stories, and the eggstravagent art. I’m just eggsercising my right to free speech. However, I find the eggstremists can be a bit eggsplosive.

I would love to spend some time pontificating, but it seems so obvious, let’s just cut to the point.

The egg predated the chicken.

There, it’s done, thanks for reading.

An explanation? Oh, alright then.

What is a chicken anyway – which one looks like a chicken to you?

Image credit: The Economist

Chickens are changing man. Get with the times.

Woodstock 1969

Evolution is happening all the time. We are constantly changing.

We are, who we are, until a tiny mutation makes us something different. Not entirely different, but different. Small accumulative changes, which over time, create a entirely different beast. We are animals after all. Growl.

Whenever the first genetically chicken chicken, hatched, whatever laid it, wasn’t quite a chicken.

We are Homo-sapiens, we are not, however, Homo-erectus.

This is, however, a chicken.

A Chinese Silk Chicken, also known as a Silkie. It’s one of the oldest chickens around today.

At a best guess, earliest archaeological evidence of wild chickens can be dated to roughly 12,000 years ago, in northern China.

What is a fricken chicken anyway?

That thing looks like a furry dinosaur.

The world’s earliest known dinosaur eggs date back 195 million years.

No, seriously, what is a fricken chicken anyway?

If you want to get really pedantic, the concept of a “chicken” came from our disjointed minds. As humans, we process information by labelling, so we can distinguish a cauliflower from a melted candlestick. Without us, without our deciphering of what an egg is and what a chicken is, then none of it matters anyway. Maybe, the Earth is a giant egg – like a fertilised embryo. Maybe, we’re inside the uterus of a giant metaphysical chicken, and I’ve got this all backwards, after all. Maybe, the chicken is God.

Oh crap. What if it’s reading this? I take this all back! Please forgive me. It was all a fowl joke.

Im glad I got that out my system. A good rant is like a boiled egg – you can’t beat it.

Image Credit: A. Nota/NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)/ESA/STScI)/Westerlund 2 Science Team

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