What’s the worlds strongest compliment?

When, “looking good hun”, just won’t cut it.

I noticed how women sometimes compliment other women by saying they look like a celebrity.

I wonder what it’s like to be famous.

One side effect is the advancement of an acute sense of UV exposure.

How to avoid attention and UV exposure – Leonardo DiCaprio looking inconspicuous.

I see why celebrities are called stars.

There isn’t a glow radiating out their arsehole. No, honestly, there really isn’t. I’ve seen one before. A celebrity, not… oh, never mind.

They’re fucking everywhere you look, yet only an exceptional few get near them, and for us normal people, no matter how much we shine down here, we’ll never be looked up to as much as they are.

I’d rather be infamous, than famous.

Jesse James at 16 years old, 1882.

Put my bounty on a wanted poster and call me the the fastest hand in the West…

… South-West…

of London.

That just got lamer and lamer.

Anyway, it’s none of your business what I do with my hands. *awkward cough*

I wonder how much they’d pay for me. Hopefully, it’s not “dead or alive”. I don’t think anybody hates me that much.

To hate, is to really, really care.

Hold on, I might be onto something.

There’s many ways to care about someone. I really care about you, I want you to be happy, healthy and safe.

Then there’s, I really care about you, I want to be you. Mimicking someone is a big tribute. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Maybe just not in the Spitting Image type of way.

Image credit: Spitting Image, Britbox

But, how about sincerely hating someone? You gave that one some thought. They’ve taken up space in your head. That’s premium real estate.

That’s a real compliment.

I hate you so much, I am going to part with a finite resource – precious time and mental energy.

You can pay someone a verbal compliment. You can pay for dinner. That’s easy. A momentary effort. To pay in time, that’s big-budget.

How about; I really care about you, I want you dead.

I mean, that’s a bit extreme, but isn’t that just about the pinnacle of caring?

Assassination in cold blood.

Wanted Poster for John Wilkes Booth, for the murder of Abraham Lincoln,

Now, these are successful people. People at the top of their game. They invoke such a strong emotional response, that somebody is willing risk everything, including maybe their own life, just to eradicate their existence.

Just a few of the house-hold names…

… Julius Caesar, Shaka Zulu, Abraham Lincoln, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Leon Trotsky, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Gianni Versace, Tupac Shakur, John Lennon…

… most, if not all, were at the apex of success in their field. Leaders, visionaries, Icons. Powerful people, who, many drew toward, followed and revered. None more so than their assassin.

Assassination, the worlds strongest compliment.

Watch out for people who are full of compliments, you never know what’s behind them.

Bust of Julius Caesar – “Chiaramonti Caesar”.

Et tu, Brute?

Quote from the William Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar.

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