Time goes so fast when you’re having fun,
So slow when you’re in pain,
I try in vain,
To sustain,
A smile,

The rain,
Falls as frigid tears on my windowsill,

To feel,
The things that cannot heal,

Only fester,
And rot,

A hot,
Putrid smell,
Of spoilt fruits,

My pallet,
So I cannot taste the joy of the earth,

I birth,
A flood,

The pane,
That holds back the night,
As I fight,

To stay afloat,

Moonlit gargles,
In a luminescent blue,

I chew,
The thoughts down,
Like broken glass,

To the last,
To savour,

The flavour,
Of life,

Good days will come again.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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