Friendships made, friendships lost.

A poem I wrote for a friend, who was feeling hurt, whilst finding it difficult to navigate a challenging friendship.

Friendships made, friendships lost. Can be thrown away, but at what cost? Many years to form, so quickly gone. So little time I mourn, the friendships done.

I don’t need you, if you don’t need me. You think I’ll be here? Just wait and see. A point to prove, but at what cost? Friendships made, friendships lost.

Sometimes its better to push them away. You know it’s no good to watch it decay. You can build it back up, but just keep in mind, when you bring them back close, don’t look on blind. Cover your eyes, at what cost? Friendships made, friendships lost.

Keep them in your life, but take control. Voice your opinions, stand up, be bold. In doing this, it’s ok to keep them there, but don’t forget, the ones who truly care.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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5 thoughts on “Friendships made, friendships lost.

      1. Thank you again. I’m touched you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far. There is a new poem up now. I will take some time to read through some of your blogs today.


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