Life is but a moment, would you really remember the day, unless dated and stated and filed away.

A flicker in time, so brief is the way that we bounce through existence, not long do we stay.

But we aren’t created vacant, there’s ways to be immortalised. We are sentient beings, can think and philosophise.

Although not tangible, not able to be touched, it exists in our minds like trust, love or lust.

The body is weak, but the mind is mighty, holding the knowledge accumulated ever so tightly.

But nothing is forever and even that goes. The body breaks down as must the mind thus corrode.

The outcome is set, as we enter we leave. From darkness to darkness, broken by the journey we weave.

But when we are gone, what does remain?Some leave no trace, some mark the world with a stain.

Grasp it and hold it and make of it the most. So you can look back void of regret as your final moments draw close.

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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