The revolution starts at home

I stood at the edge of the world,
There was nothing else,
Just the reflection,
Of ones inner self,

We need to take responsibility,
How can some still be in denial?
The world is changing too fast,
It’s current state is far from final,

Fossil fuel burns into our atmosphere,
Over a billion car exhausts,
We are all responsible to some extent,
And there’s still time to can change our course,

It starts from the bottom up,
A small act of defiance,
Against the corporate machines,
There’s guilt in our compliance,

Their greed flows black,
Whilst our oceans are defiled,
Pollutants and plastic waste,
Deforestation of our wilds,

A revolution is needed,
in our hearts and minds,
Both eyes open,
No longer moving forward blind,

An unsustainable state of consumption,
We must do more to recycle and reuse,
Countries adopt renewable energy sources now!
To reconcile the abuse,

If the evil of the past shows one thing,
New ages dawn and thought arises,
Once a state of constant war,
Hope, that this long peace symbolises,

A footstep in the snow,
Holds an imprint only brief,
Genocide has existed across the ages,
All for lost and sham belief,

Once fields of broken bodies,
Now new flowers bloom,
A second chance bursting through the soil,
As a child from the womb,

What can I do to make a difference?
How can I change our planet?
It starts with a choice, so powerful,
Akin the bang which began it,

I choose the path of kindness,
Our future is in environmental health,
Love the earth as you would your Mother,
Its wellbeing is your wealth.

Image credit:

Original poem by © Darius the Mate

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